Welcome To E-A-T

Are you hungry to participate in an exploration of your community in a new way? E-A-T is an enjoyable event created for community members to navigate the neighbourhood and sample the most delicious and authentic food on offer, while supporting an incredible local charity who aims to fight child hunger in our own community: FOOD4KIDS. A guide-led walking tour that offers tour “Passports” for participants and features authentic culinary experiences.

As an E-A-T participant you will begin your culinary journey at the first restaurant on your tour passport.  You will enjoy signature dishes prepared specifically for E-A-T guests.
To heighten your culinary experience, each restaurant will be pairing a signature beverage with their dishes.
When you complete the first restaurant on the tour you will be lead to your next stop by your tour guide where you will embark on your next unique culinary adventure.

Help support an important Community initiative; FOOD4KIDS

Participants aged 5 – 14 years are referred by schools aware of children with limited access to food in their homes.

The school submits a referral and parental permission form. Food items are packed by Food4Kids volunteers and delivered to schools each Friday morning. At the school, the food package is placed into the student’s own backpack helping to shield the child from any stigma associated with hunger or receiving food assistance. Each child in the home receives their own food package.

The cost per backpack is $10.00 or $400 to feed a child for an entire school year.  Programs are 100% funded by community donors and one-time grants. We are not in receipt of any core funding.



Each child in the home receives their own food package

When kids leave school for the weekend, they should not have to worry about how they will be fed.

How Does It Work?

  • Guests will pre-purchase a “Passport” for one of the available tours.
  • Each tour will be divided into groups that visit each restaurant over the course of an afternoon.
  • Each group will be led by a two-person guide team.
  • At each stop along the tour you will enjoy a signature tasting dish as well as a specialty cocktail prepared specifically for E-A-T guests.